U-M Power Plant Photos
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There it is, in all its glory... What seems to be the "main" smokestack is there on the left - you can see a little bit of water vapor coming out of it. On the right is the other smokestack - one can rarely see anything coming out of it, but sometimes on very cold days, some smoke or vapor of a somewhat darker color than that of the main stack can be seen - but not very much tonight.


A somewhat less exposed shot of the same part of the powerhouse.


Hey look, it's a car with a malfunctioning cloaking device... Oh wait, no, it's not :). Those long exposures will do that to ya...


A closer view of some of the external powerhouse equipment. Water vapor can be seen coming out of those devices next to the yellow railings just about all day every day, in varying amounts. Perhaps they are cooling towers for some of the machinery inside the plant.


One last look at it from this angle...


Standing in Palmer Field (on the other side of the power plant), one can see the the biomedical research buildings under construction, highlighted by the smokestack of the power plant.


The plant is sandwiched in there behind the two biomedical buildings... And eventually even that part won't be visible when the structure in the center of the photo is finished being built (I believe it is a parking ramp for the new biomedical science buildings).


More of the same...