Insufficient Funds.
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The whole sad story is, I think, summed up pretty well in this nastygram and attachment that I mailed to TCF Bank today.

I do tend to rant about companies whose policies I dislike or disagree with, but given the circumstances, I fail to see how I was in the wrong in this situation. I guess it will be interesting to see what their response to my letter is. Whatever it is, it shouldn't take long since their mailing address is right here in town. I realize I'm probably not one of TCF Bank's most valuable customers - I basically transfer large sums of money into and out of my account twice a year to pay for tuition, and use a different bank for my day-to-day banking. However, if you want to keep customers, or get customers to use your bank for additional services, pulling stuff like this doesn't seem to me like a good way to do it.