The Squalor in Which We Live
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Lovely, isn't it?


Well, my desk is oddly clean given the state of the rest of the room, but the futon looks pretty full.


Empty food boxes.. check! Bathing supplies and cooking utensils all over the floor.. check! Laundry from last weekend not yet hung up.. check!


When the laundry basket is full of clean clothes, where else are you gonna put the dirty ones?


Did someone say something about a messy floor?


It looks like it might be almost time to take out the trash and recycling.


I guess I can't say I've been cleaning out my closet...




Or Nathan's, for that matter.


You might think things would be orderly on the ledge behind the refrigerator...


...but, you would be mistaken.


Same thing goes for behind the bed, too.


At least ours is a room with a view... A very beige view.



It looks like it's time to go start cleaning!