One Point Wax, No Reverse, No Automatic...
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Back when I was in Middle School, one of the main things people there did for fun was to play ping-pong. We were allowed to do this at lunch, and we were allowed to choose between football, ping-pong, basketball, etc... for the first 15 minutes or so of gym class each day. Given that I am no good at any of those "real" sports, I always chose to play ping-pong.

The only ping-pong rule set by the school was that games go to five points (in order to facilitate turnover, so that everyone would get a chance to play). The games weren't usually supervised, however, so kids liked to make up all these additional bogus rules, which were designed to keep them playing for as long as possible.

The first of these rules was called "wax". If the person who had won the previous match "called wax" before the next game commenced; and the score became 3-0 in their favor, then you would automatically lose the game.

After people got used to the idea of "wax", they started implementing "reverse wax", or, as we called it, just "reverse". So, you would go up to play; your opponent would call "wax", and you would call "reverse". So now if the score got to 3-0 in anyone's favor, the person who was ahead would win the game.

This went on for a while, but then the people who liked to call wax got tired of it, and decided they needed something new. They came out with two new rules at once; these were "1-point wax", and "no reverse." One point wax meant that if they scored the first point against you; you lost. No reverse meant that if you scored the first point against them, then they didn't lose -- the game went on as usual.

So now, when you went up to play, your opponent would yell "ONE POINT WAX, NO REVERSE" while you tried to yell "NO WAX" as quickly as you could. But invariably, the wax people would win because they were louder and more boisterous to begin with.

As usual, the "ONE POINT WAX, NO REVERSE" people usually won out over the no-wax people, so we came up with a new concept; that of "automatic reverse", or, simply "automatic". The idea behind this was that if someone called wax, there would automatically be the "reverse" rule, so we wouldn't have to "call reverse", and likewise would be immune to their calls of, "no reverse." This didn't work, of course, so the ping pong opening shouting match became "ONE POINT WAX, NO REVERSE, NO AUTOMATIC!" vs. "NO WAX, NO ONE POINT WAX, NO AUTOMATIC WAX" ("automatic wax" was different than just "automatic" -- automatic wax was what the wax people came up with to say that it was going to be wax whether they called it or not, after we came up with the regular "automatic" rule).

We came up with some other stuff too, most of which was pretty ridiculous, and never became very widely used. People either just put up with the stupid wax people and tried to score the first point against them, or they put up enough of a fuss that the wax people would relent once in a while. This made sense, since the wax people were generally the more physical, competitive types, and the other people didn't really care that much, and were less intimidating.

This was all well and good for most people, but not for Nequan. Nequan didn't usually play ping-pong during gym. He was usually either playing basketball, or spending time in the juvenile home. Other people at hillside tried to act like gangstas, but Nequan was legit. One time, when he wasn't in the Juvy, he decided to come play ping-pong with us. Whoever had been wining prior, I think it might have been Harold, had been calling wax, one-point wax, automatic wax, etc..., as usual. This was working pretty well on everyone that day, but it didn't work so well on Nequan. When it was Nequan's turn to play, Harold called "ONE POINT WAX, NO REVERSE, NO AUTOMATIC!", and instead of going along with it, Nequan said "No, it isn't" and proceeded to play.

Nequan lost the first point, and Harold thought the game was over, due to his one-point wax. Harold told this to Nequan, but it turned out that Harold had another thing coming! Nequan insisted that there was none of this wax bullshit going on, and that Harold had better serve the ball. Harold did not serve the ball. Nequan then told harold that he had "better serve the damn ball", but Harold still insisted that the game was over.

Nequan evidently decided that he had had about enough of that - he went over to where Harold was standing, picked him up, slammed him against the wall, and told him that the game was not over, and that there was no wax, etc... Harold didn't like this too much, and he promptly agreed that the game was still going on, and that there wasn't wax after all. After this, Harold and Nequan finished their game.

After that, Harold tried to pull some more wax stuff a few times, but then Nequan came in and menaced him some more. After that, the "wax" fad pretty well died out; not just for Harold, either! I thought that was pretty cool, as did the rest of the non-wax [i.e. non-cheating, non-jerk] kids :).