To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
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First Dream:

Sean and Nathan and I are in the (allied paper) factory. We are minding our own business, looking around and taking pictures as usual, but then I notice an irritating-looking lady with an irritating voice wearing one of those orange reflective vests (the kind a school crossing guard would wear) who seemed to be harassing some people on the other side of the factory floor. I tell Sean and Nathan about this lady and we decide to make a hurried exit before she notices us and causes trouble for us, too. On the way down the stairs toward the exit (the physical layout of the factory was a bit different than in reality), we ran into a stranger who was coming up the stairs. We told her that there was someone up there making trouble, and she too decided to quickly leave. The dream ends.

Second Dream:

Sean and Nathan and I are in the factory once again. We get "busted" for being there, not by a police officer, but by some kind of city official (fire marshall, dangerous buildings inspector, something of that nature). He writes us tickets and says that we will have to appear in court the following Tuesday; not for a trial, but for an "informal reprimand" or something like that, which would not create a criminal record this time. During this ticket-writing process, Sean is getting all upset about the situation, whereas Nathan remains pretty sanguine about the whole thing. After the tickets are written, we are escorted out of the factory and the dream ends.

Third Dream:

Sean has now disappeared from the dream, but Nathan and I wind up in the factory yet again. We know that it is a bad idea to be there (having just gotten in trouble for being in the mill), but it is as if we came to retrieve something important that we had left behind while getting busted (a camera containing lots of images of the factory, or something of that nature). We had retrieved whatever the item was, but we found that the city official(s), while leaving, had secured all of the possible entrances/exits to the factory, thereby accidentally locking us in. There is an abandoned pickup truck on the premises of the mill, which we decide to see if we can start. We are able to start the truck, but it is a stick shift which I don't really know how to drive very well, and besides, the clutch pedal is missing. Nonetheless, I am able to put the vehicle in gear and begin driving it. However, all of the fence gates are still locked, and by this time, we had driven the pickup truck into clear view of the neighborhood behind the mill, and lots of the residents were watching. While we are considering crashing the truck into the fence and trying to make a quick getaway, the dream ends. Somewhat later in the night, the fourth dream begins.

Fourth Dream:

I am at my Grandma Ryan's cottage in Croton. However, instead of the small man-made pond that her cottage was actually located on, in this dream, the cottage was on the ocean instead. An ocean-going freighter was docked at the cottage. Bill was present in the dream, and he had previously arranged for passage to somewhere in Europe or Asia on this freighter. I had not planned to travel, but I had these two boxes that I needed to have delivered to somewhere in Europe or Asia (I can't remember exactly where). At first I was thinking that I could just have Bill take them and deliver them when he got there, but then I was thinking that maybe I could go along on the voyage, which would be pretty fun. After all, you don't get the chance to cruise around the world on a freight ship every day. So I ask the Captain of the freighter (who has an accent precisely like that of Toby Esterhazy from the BBC's productions of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Smiley's People, except with somewhat less of a command of the English language) if passage on his ship could be had and if so, how much it would cost. "Sure," he answered, "$14.95". This sounded like a good deal, so I asked when the ship was leaving. "12:30", he said. I looked at my cell phone; it was currently about a quarter after twelve. I asked when the ship would be returning. "The twenty-seventh of March," he answered. This seemed like a lot of school to miss right in the middle of the semester, but "what the heck", I thought, and decided to go. I was about to pay the Captain my $14.95 and board the ship with my two boxes, but then I woke up.