Maybe if I cuss 'em out, they'll come...
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Once, when I was little, I was at my grandma's house in Croton, along with some of our relatives from Texas. My cousin Rachel and I were on the dock attempting to feed some birdseed to the ducks in the pond. There was a small problem though: the ducks weren't coming over by the dock so that we could throw the birdseed to them.

After we had waited there for a while, I said, "Maybe if I throw some out, they'll come." Meaning, maybe if I throw some birdseed into the pond, the ducks would notice and come eat it. Rachel, however, instead of saying "yeah, maybe", or whatever you would normally say, said instead, "What?!?? What'd you say??". I said, "I just said maybe if I throw some seed out, they'll come over here and eat it." After I said that, Rachel started cracking up laughing. I asked what was so funny; she said, "Oh, I thought you said: Maybe if I cuss 'em out, they'll come!"