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***inActiveX has joined #tnid
***Topic for #tnid is "<netdiablo> we'd just have to disband my sister's sex orgy or whatever is going on around here"

<inActiveX> sup, anyone around?
<inActiveX> "When I used a mac, they laughed because I had no command prompt. When I used Linux, they laughed because i had no GUI."
<inActiveX> man, it's pretty quiet in here
<inActiveX> i wish i knew where my keys were
<inActiveX> (my work keys; i know i left my other keys in charlie's basement)
<inActiveX> hahaaahahaaa
<inActiveX> someone just called here, i say "hello", and they're like "is this the Bronson helpdesk?"
<inActiveX> :)
<inActiveX> i should've been like, uh, yes, it is, this is mr. so-and-so, are you having computer problems I can help you with?
<inActiveX> "Using the Internet as it was originally intended... for the further research of pornography and pipebombs."
*** ish has quit IRC (EOF From client)
<inActiveX> "It will be nice to see a whole slew of new 'consumer-friendly' products from Microsoft now - after all, they're entirely free to 'innovate' now. I wonder how many other markets they'll get to 'consume' before the government comes to its senses?"
* inActiveX is bored, bored, bored.
* inActiveX Insane in the membrane!
* inActiveX Pleny insane, got no brain!!!
<inActiveX> what /me doesn't know will never hurt him!
<inActiveX> darn <inActiveX> i thought maybe the new version of mIRC would support that
<inActiveX> although i guess the other irc clients would have to support it too
<inActiveX> every time i come around this irc channel, bling bling
<inActiveX> rip that main-frame, i'll explain!
<inActiveX> i think i'm just gonna not go to work at all toady
<inActiveX> today
<inActiveX> i mean, i'll just go in tomorrow and work hard and get more work done than i would by going in today anyway :)
<inActiveX> man, my new X-Windows server in conjunction with eXceed is really working nicely.
<inActiveX> i wonder what i got on my AP Chemistry exam...